Need Help in API and passphrase setup


I have a python code and trying to validate my user credentials (API Publc, Secret Keys), can anyone guide me here please as I am new to this. I could not find the passphrase .

Thank you

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Hello @tajuddinm! Welcome to the forum! We’re happy to help, but first we’ll need you to provide us with the following information to further assist you with your concern:

  • May we know what Coinbase Cloud service or API are you trying to use when you are generating your API details (Sign in with Coinbase, Coinbase Commerce, etc.)?
  • You mentioned that you have a python code and you are trying to validate your user credentials but could not find the Passphrase, may we know what your intended use case is?

If you have any more information or screenshot that can help in the investigation of your concern, feel free to share it with us. Please omit any personal info that may compromise your account.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you!


This sounds like you are trying to use Coinbase Pro authentication example code with the new Coinbase Advanced Trade API key.

Advanced Trade doesn’t have an API key whereas the previous Coinbase Pro API key does have a password.

Check out my post linked below for some example code to use when setting up the Advanced Trade API.

As always, ask detailed questions if you are unsure. The answer may be simpler than you think.