MUSD, RGT, TRIBE, UPI delisted

Where should I have been looking for an announcement on this? ty

Hello @Urza! It was announced last Nov. 04 that Coinbase has moved RGT-USD, TRIBE-USD, UPI-USD & UPI-USDT trading pairs to limit-only mode. You can check our status page and subscribe to updates for MUSD, RGT, TRIBE and UPI via email and/or text message by clicking the Subscribe button on this link


Ty much thats what I was looking for.

Iā€™m a bit new to using the Coinbase api, is there any way to get candle information from these limit-only coins or not?

Hello @max.naumchuk! Welcome to the forum! Thank you for your enthusiasm in trying out the Coinbase API.

For your query, you will have to push a GET request. The response will return a list of all available currency pairs (product_id) for trading including MUSD-USD, RGT-USD, TRIBE-USD, UPI-USD, UPI-USDT.

In order to get the historic rates for a product or candles, from the response, choose and copy the product_id. For example MUSD-USD, then call a GET{product_id}/candles request and supply the product_id. The URL request should look like this:

You may also visit these documentations to learn more:

We hope we were able to help you with your concern and again, welcome to the community!