Mulitple Virtual Addresses for keeping count of payment sources


Is there a way to have several different addresses for accepting payment connected to same account. They could be virtual or real doesn’t matter, we just need to have ability to understand from which different sources for different product lines crypto charge is coming from.

Also if this is possible is there a way to do some kind of routing of assets that are coming into different Coinbase wallets with conversion being done before or after sending.

To better explain:

Product line 1 has “virtual address 1”
Product line 2 has “virtual address 2”

When someone buys something from product line 1 he sends crypto to “virtual address 1” and then the crypto is first sent to another account and then converted, or first converted to USD and then sent to another Coinbase account. If that is automatically not possible we could also be ok with having after conversion USD be kept on a separate virtual “account 1” until withdrawn. This so that we know for products we are charging we have obligations to our distributors but crypto charging and then conversion will cost them more so we need to know to whom we need to charge what kind of fee for this additional crypto service.



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