Missing USDC trading pairs and Coinbase Commerce refunds

Hi Team, I have run into a problem using Coinbase Commerce and Coinbase Pro in conjunction, where the only supported USDC trading pair currently is USDT-USDC.

If a user overpays on a Coinbase Commerce charge and we need to send them a refund, the only way to do it is manually through the Coinbase Commerce platform… but it only allows a full refund, not just the overpaid amount.

So, we need to transfer the payment to Coinbase Pro and make a withdrawal to the user’s provided address. If they don’t want their refund in USDC, we need to make a trade, but if they don’t want USDT either, we need to convert to USD, then make the trade as USD has a market pair for all supported Coinbase Commerce currencies.

But, I have an Australian account, so USD is disabled for me.

So ultimately to refund our user’s, I need to make the following trades:

  • USDC: None ~ fee 0%
  • USDT: USDC > USDT ~ fee 0.6%
  • BTC: USDC > USDT > BTC ~ fee 1.2%
  • BCH: USDC > USDT > BTC > BCH ~ fee 1.79%
  • LTC: USDC > USDT > BTC > LTC ~ fee 1.79%
  • ETH: USDC > USDT > ETH ~ fee 1.2%
  • DAI: USDC > USDT > ETH > DAI ~ fee 1.79%
  • APE: USDC > USDT > APE ~ fee 1.2%
  • DOGE: USDC > USDT > DOGE ~ fee 1.2%
  • SHIB: USDC > USDT > SHIB ~ fee 1.2%

Clearly this is not ideal. Can you please add support for every Coinbase Commerce currency as a trading pair against USDC, so that Coinbase Commerce and Coinbase Pro can work together? Or better yet, add an API endpoint for making refunds from Coinbase Commerce with an amount field so that we can refund any amount we choose?

Hello @Tradable! Thank you for taking an interest in trying out Coinbase APIs. For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!


Hi @danpaolo.ballares, any updates?