List Products endpoint returns inaccurate quote increment

Both today and yesterday I have been unable to place orders with a quote increment less than 0.01. This is very problematic, especially on smaller coins when precise trading is needed. As an example, here is the result I get when I call /api/v3/brokerage/products/ASM-USD.

{'product_id': 'ASM-USD', 'price': '0.04517', 'price_percentage_change_24h': '30.73806078147612', 'volume_24h': '59199799', 'volume_percentage_change_24h': '72.100553694712', 'base_increment': '1', 'quote_increment': '0.01', 'quote_min_size': '1', 'quote_max_size': '10000000', 'base_min_size': '83', 'base_max_size': '6900000', 'base_name': 'Assemble Protocol', 'quote_name': 'US Dollar', 'watched': False, 'is_disabled': False, 'new': False, 'status': 'online', 'cancel_only': False, 'limit_only': False, 'post_only': False, 'trading_disabled': False, 'auction_mode': False, 'product_type': 'SPOT', 'quote_currency_id': 'USD', 'base_currency_id': 'ASM', 'fcm_trading_session_details': None, 'mid_market_price': '', 'alias': '', 'alias_to': ['ASM-USDC'], 'base_display_symbol': 'ASM', 'quote_display_symbol': 'USD', 'view_only': False, 'price_increment': '0.00001'}

Note that quote_increment is 0.01 when in reality (per Coinbase Exchange | Institutional Trading Platform) it should be 0.00001.

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I am also having the same issue.
For example, SHIB returns a QuoteIncrement of 2 decimal places when clearly it requires more than that.

QuoteIncrement seems to always be 0.01.

Looks like there is other (new?) field - price_increment? Or was it there forever? Although it does not help if order is rejected… And of course there are no mention of any changes in changelog.

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Great. Thank You.
Yes, price_increment is new.

base_increment and quote_increment were the original fields.

very confusing now. what else has changed?