Limit_price not shown in orders book

I placed a sell stop limit order; the order is placed with the information:
{‘success’: True, ‘failure_reason’: ‘UNKNOWN_FAILURE_REASON’, ‘order_id’: ‘751143af-d46c-45e6-8846-a077fb99ab62’, ‘success_response’: {‘order_id’: '751143af-d46c-45e6-8846-a 077fb99ab62 ', ‘product_id’: ‘BTC-USDC’, ‘side’: ‘SELL’, ‘client_order_id’: ‘185790c6-3ffa-4ab9-8862-223b9b3359a8’}, ‘order_configuration’: {‘stop_limit_stop_limit_gtd’: {‘base_size’ : ‘0.00002345’, ‘limit_price’: ‘42377.55’, ‘stop_price’: ‘42777.55’, ‘end_time’: ‘2024-01-15T16:44:41.824506Z’, ‘stop_direction’: ‘STOP_DIRECTION_STOP_UP’}}}

But in my order book, ‘limit_price’: ‘42377.55’ is not displayed; anyone have an answer? THANKS

Hi @klif! Thank you for being part of this forum community! We will look into this and get back to you with an update. Please allow us some time. Thank you.