Latest transactions

hello im using the Transactions endpoint of Sign in with Coinbase, I would like to ask how can I return the 5-10 latest transactions from this API? Hope someone can help me

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Hello goodboy!

Thank you for reaching out to us.In order to return the latest transactions in your account, you can use the following endpoint:

  • You can utilize the List Transactions endpoint for retrieving the latest transactions.
  • To retrieve the latest 5-10 transactions, we recommend using the pagination. The transactions endpoint returns 25 results because all Sign in with Coinbase GET endpoints which return an object list support cursor based pagination, with pagination information inside a pagination object has a default limit of 25 results per request, but up to 100 are permitted. Since you want to pull only the latest 5-10 transactions in your request, you can specify the limit argument by 10.
  • The result list is in descending order by default (newest item first) but it can be reversed by supplying order=asc instead.

We hope this helps. Feel free to reply if you have any questions.