Issues with STRK, ORCA, WCFG and HOPR

Although I can buy/sell using the coinbase main site, I can’t trade using the Advanced API or the coinbase advanced trade.

The API error says: Account is not available.

What should I do? Wait?


Are you using a legacy key? I am running into the same error using code that hasn’t changed in months. The funds that I buy with the API seem to go into another portfolio on my account that I cannot trade with (just says “insufficient funds”). I wonder if it has to do with the rollout of the new cloud API keys and the portfolio API.


As a user I have been experiencing the same issue, I have even seen 2 “Primary balance” in some of the coins that I am unable to trade using Advanced trade, or API connected trades.
I have not had this issue with the coins mentioned above, but different ones, and its random, I can have this problem with asset, while my friend’s account has no problems with that same asset.

These have only started to happen to us last week and have since increased in frequency.

I hope coinbase can sort this out as I trade as a primary source of income and the list of assets I can trade is getting smaller by the day.


yes, I’m using the legacy key. I just wish we could find out through the API whether an account is available or not.

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I have this exact same issue with 2-Primary balances wallets, Not sure how this happend

I have a similar issue I have several coins froze in wallets that are non-interactive. It’s going to take somebody from the inside to unlock them so that I can either sell the product or the coins or move the coins to a different wallet. It’s going to take a response from Coinbase I’d appreciate a prompt response.