Is there laravel library for Sign In With Coinbase API?

Now I am going to develop Trading Platform which use Sign in With Coinbase API.
Used language is Laravel, so is there Laravel Library related to Sing In With Coinbase?
If yes, please give me the URL.
If not, how can I integrate SIWC to my Laravel project?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Tetiana, welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Developer forum! Thank you for taking interest in using the Coinbase APIs. With regards to your concern, you stated that you want to integrate the Sign in with Coinbase API to your Laravel project. Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific guidance on how to develop your application such as writing or reviewing code in specific programming languages and frameworks - Laravel in your case. We also regret to inform you that we are also unable to provide repositories or collections that can help you with building your code. We are only able to provide guidance and troubleshooting for issues with the raw Coinbase APIs.

However, we can offer client libraries that can help you integrate with our API more quickly. Please note that these have not been security tested by Coinbase and are considered unofficial libraries. Please visit Client libraries | Coinbase Cloud for more information.

To get more information about integration with SIWC, please go through the following:


  • Allows a Coinbase user to grant a 3rd party application full or partial access to his/her account, without sharing the account’s API key or login credentials. OAuth2 works well for web applications, as well as desktop and mobile apps.
  • To be able to create an OAuth2 application, you need to register a new OAuth2 application under your API settings.

API Key Authentication

  • API Key authentication should only be used to access your own account. If your application requires access to other Coinbase users’ accounts, please do not use the API key. Please note that your API keys should be assigned to access only accounts and permission scopes that are necessary for your app to function.
  • You can create and activate new API keys in your API settings.

Thank you and have a great day!

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Thank you for your kind explanation.


You are very much welcome, @Tetiana!

We’re always happy to help. Please reach out in the future if you need anything else.

Have a great day! :sunrise_over_mountains: