Is it Possible to Make contract Calls using Coinbase Wallet API

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On top of buying and selling crypto programmatically using my server, I want the coinbase wallet to be able to make calls to other contracts and protocols. Is that possible via coinbase cloud using your API?

I don’t want to have private keys on my server so I prefer to have a coinbase api key that is white listed for my prod Ip address to limit risk. And i want to be able to trade money and be able to execute other contract methods with it. So far I only see options to buy, sell transfer crypto only like here: Buys | Coinbase Cloud


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Hi @and222 ! Welcome to the forum! Regarding your concern, can you please elaborate as to what you mean in your statement “I want the coinbase wallet to be able to make calls to other contracts and protocols?” This could help us better understand your concern and be able to provide a product that will satisfy your desired function.

Since you’ve mentioned that you prefer an API key, please see the steps listed here for API key creation. You also stated that you “want to be able to trade money and be able to execute other contract methods with it”, can you provide more information about this concern? This is to make sure that we are on the same page.

Please respond back to us so we can quickly address your concerns. Thank you!


so for example, can I call other external smart contracts like uniswap or aave using coinbase wallet api?

And I would want to limit that API key to only be able to interact with whitelisted contracts and only be executable from my prod server (so ip address restrict).


Hi @and222 ! For us to properly assess your case, we would like to ask first, when you said “Coinbase wallet” what Coinbase API are you referring to (Advanced Trade API, Sign in with Coinbase, Coinbase Wallet)? We’ll wait for your response.

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Coinbase offers several products so whichever works for the use case I mentioned.

It sounds like “Advanced Trade API” i can control wallet funds programmatically but can I execute external contract methods with it using my server?

Re: Coinbase Wallet - I don’t see an API for that so I don’t think i would programmatically be able to control it.

I also came across Prime API which looks similar to advanced trading api but seems for more institutional clients. is that correct?


Hello @and222! Thank you for patiently waiting and apologies for the late response. As per checking it with our internal teams, the possible way to execute external contract methods is for you to build some type of interface to it like Decentralized Application (DApp). For this, you may connect your Coinbase Wallet to it via the provider.

To know more details about this, you may visit the following documentation: Coinbase Wallet Injected Ethereum Provider.

Additionally, DApp is conceptually the same as apps or games you might use on your computer or phone. The key difference is that DApps are built on and powered by decentralized protocols such as Ethereum. An example of a popular dapp is CryptoKitties.

  • You may use DApps in Coinbase Wallet via Mobile, Web, and Coinbase Wallet browser extension. Please visit this link for more info.

Hence, using Advanced Trade API may not suffice your use case and this is something currently not being offered by the API as of the moment.

Lastly for Prime API, yes, you are correct. Prime API is for institutional clients. With Prime API, institutions can manage crypto trading and custody on behalf of their clients, execute programmatic trading strategies, automate critical platform processes, and more. You can visit this link for more info. Hope this helps! Thank you.