IP Whitelist issue in API key

Here’s a difficulty that’s come up. Sometimes my ISP doesn’t provide me with a public IPv6 address, but a public IPv4 address is always provided when there’s an internet connection.

So I create an API key with an IP Whitelist. If IPv6 is active, which is most of the time, then Coinbase requires that address for authentication. Coinbase does not accept my IPv4 address. And the IPv6 address changes every time I reboot the router. But IPv4 does not change when I reboot, or changes very infrequently.

My solution for now is to disable IPv6 in Windows by running ncpa.cpl and disabling IPv6 in the adapter properties.

Another solution has been to remake the API Key every time the router is rebooted.

Also, if I’m running a VPN which only provides IPv4, like NordVPN, then I make an API Key with that IPv4.

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Hello @shurr! We understand the inconvenience you are having. We will raise this issue to our responsible team of specialists and we’ll get back to you once we have more details. Thank you!

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Hello @shurr!

We just talked with the responsible team. Due to the nature of your problem, wherein your IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses change whenever you restart your router or connect to a VPN, their suggestion is for you to not whitelist an IP address when creating an API key. This is possible for this is an optional field to fill out. Please be extra careful, however, with whom you share your API key details hereafter for this added layer of security is not being utilized anymore.


Thanks for the response.

I do like the added security of using an IP whitelist.

How about the API accepting an IPv4 address even when an IPv6 is active? That’s not possible? My IPv4 address only changes every few months.

Hi @shurr , sorry for the late response. You can enter multiple IP’s for an API key but it must be separated by commas. So it is best to add both your IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.