Introductions - Tell us about yourself and what brings you here!

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Hey, my name is Owen, and I wrote my first line of code when I was 13. Britney was on the MTV, and Nirvana was on the radio. Since then, it’s been a life-altering addiction ever since. My coding has affected relationships, my loved ones, and my ability to sit and listen to boring people talk about non-programming language specific jabber or who they voted for. Now, 24 years later, I’m locked in my space, spending most of my time angry at a computer family humming around me when it’s not even their fault Node keeps crashing, pounding my Sunday keyboards into ashes on crypto forums, and trying to keep up with the impossible keep-up as the world gets more awesome.

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Why I’m here? Initially, I was just looking for a restroom, did what I always do and started reading the writing on the walls, and now I’m too deep into Typescript to go back, and not far enough to have everything I ever wanted, posting as some character only I get cause it’s only meta to me, and being late to some obligation, bleh. I hope this group can help, or help me cope, or give me everything I ever wanted? Idk, generally when I ramble on the person’s already walked away at this point.

This is cool, I like what you’re doing. Cheers.

Hey there! My name’s Cody and I’ve been working in the crypto space for the past 5 years, first Microsoft and then Celo Labs. I’m here to share some ideas on what I think would be a really powerful primitive in the Coinbase Cloud APIs. Today, the Coinbase Exchange API provides a really thoughtful Get signed prices API where the returned data can be posted and verified on-chain since it’s signed by Coinbase’s well-known key. This feature could be extended across all APIs (via a new response field or header) that allows any data returned from Coinbase to be consumable on-chain. I’m particularly interested in trustlessly verifying a user’s order on-chain. I’d love to chat with someone on the Coinbase Cloud team to walk through how this would be useful!

Hi I am tibin , working as a blockchain developer… building financial applications on Coinbase

Good evening everyone

I m here because I just start with crypto.

I would use better Coinbase

I have try to Bough a crypto on Coinbase, they explain it s only by coinbase wallet.

So I have transfered for try 30$ on It in Shiba and Ethereum.

And now when I search to exchange, it s always written: not enought Money

What I must do for this? Which solution you can give me please.

Thanks in advance for your help, Nicolas

Good Morning!

I’m John. Im a limey brit in London. I work at Elwood Tech setting up institutional crypto traders with market access, algos, PMS etc. I’m here as we (our clients really) do a lot of business on Coinbase and we’re excited to move to the new, FIX based, CB Prime setup!

Hello my name is Roy and im just an everyday person using coinbase to invest and try to not have to work my whole life away.

Please help me please answer me


I’m Torfinn a TPM on the Coinbase Cloud team!

:pancakes: A bit about myself

I’ve been a TPM for the better part of probably 12 or so years and have run a few startups and worked at huge slow moving monolith tech companies like IBM :smirk:

I definitely go to little local hacker meetups when they come around not so into the bigger ones. Love seeing the way people come up with to get around the gates in life and online. I live in Sunny SoCal, surf sometimes, bake delicious cakes and build furniture for fun.

strong text Web3/Crypto

I’ve been super passionate about decentralization since around 2015. Over the last few years specifically DID and deleveraging the deathgrip social media has on user data. Huge believer in the Coinbase mission of spreading economic freedom through decentralized systems and love playing a small part in helping to do that with the developer facing tools/systems we’re building.


SO Dope to see all of you in here! Thank you so much for joining our community.