Introductions - Tell us about yourself and what brings you here!

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Heya Alex,

GFT sounds dope! I love the frontend designs you guys came up with – everything really pops. I can see the similarities with Redeemable, though it seems you guys have a much larger vision for the GFT platform, including a marketplace & crowdfund platform. I’d love to know more, let’s chat!

I’m new to the forum so I’m not sure if there’s any way to DM you on here – but if you use Discord, my username is pash#1428. Looking forward to meeting ya!

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I am doing a career change from working on submarines into programming

Now that’s badass. Love the username btw


Thanks for point me towards Cryptocoven. This lead me down a path of really figuring out IPFS and I ended up with a far more performant method of updating that uses less gas. After doing some more inspection of how existing projects manage reveals I see now that I haven’t really figured out anything new, but it was still an illuminating journey and I do enjoy have my tools.

Hi CB team!
I’m here because I saw the link when trying to submit a support ticket about a possible bug in the ticker api. I did submit a ticket and eagerly waiting the auto close email. :wink:

I’ve noticed this on ALGO-USD for about the last 12 hours. Occasionally the ticker will return an old trade. with the price of 1.2042.

bad trade{“trade_id”: 45328199 ,“price”:" 1.2042 ",“size”:“12”,“time”:"2022-01- 20T22:44:16.836262Z ",“bid”:“1.2038”,“ask”:“1.2042”,“volume”:“50015727”}

Good Trade{“trade_id”:46032227,“price”:" 0.827 ",“size”:“1.3”,“time”:“2022-01-24T14:01:33.991006Z”,“bid”:“0.8261”,“ask”:“0.8265”,“volume”:“47310228.9”}

bad trade again :{“trade_id”: 45328199 ,“price”:" 1.2042 ",“size”:“12”,“time”:“2022-01- 20T22:44:16.836262Z”,“bid”:“1.2038”,“ask”:“1.2042”,“volume”:“47438203.9”}

The only thing that seems to update is the volume.

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Hi all,

I am Takuma, currently studying CS and trying to learn more about websockets and REST APIs by doing a side project on crypto currency price aggregator!

One quick question about the forum: I can’t seem to create new topics under Exchange/Pro API for some reason. → solved. Have to earn the Basic badge


I’m here trying to start a thread on exchange rates subscriptions, I can’t find anything in the documentation on how to accomplish this without getting throttled by the server using the rest architecture :angry:

:wave: @genericHCU - I noticed you posted this over in the Exchange topic here, so we can follow up there :+1:

@cleggink I created a new topic for you in the Exchange topic so that it’s easier to follow the conversation :+1:

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Hi, I am in software development and am interested in learning about various Coinbase offerings. Glad to find this forum to discuss and learn !

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I am a dev doc writer for Coinbase and enjoy creating easy dev docs. My background is writing banking API dev docs.

What brings me here is my interest in the Coinbase Forum Community. When I worked @ Epic Games we had 4 devs helping stuck game devs debug blockers in real time via their game builder forum.

Community-driven help is thriving globally and I am happy to be here. Have a super day.


Hi, I’m Ronit. I’m using coinbase pro API and have a question regarding " Get all known trading pairs" endpoint.

I am trying to understand the meaning of the response attribute base_min_size
Is it the minimum quantity that I need to order? or is it the minimum value of the order? if it’s the value of the order? Then what is the unit of the value? Thanks

Base min size is the minimum amount you need to “buy” or sell It is usually a small portion of a cryptocurrency. For example the base min size for BTC is ~.00000001 while for ADA is .5. Usually the currencies that cost more have smaller base min size because. Personally, I can’t buy .5 BTC at 40k, but I can buy .5 ADA at $1. Also, there is no need for me to buy .000000001 ADA…yet :slight_smile:


Welcome @docdude !! Its been great working with you so far!

Welcome @Auth !! Please let us know what questions you have and what interests you!!

@ronitjain - Was this helpful? Please let us know. Thanks!

Hello everyone, I’m Jacob. I’ve been exploring Coinbase Pro API mostly out of curiosity. I’ve been using Golang to interact with it. I’m interested mostly in the Pro/Exchange but some of the other products in Coinbase Cloud are intriguing. I still don’t really know what it is for, but I looking forward to see what Coinbase does with its newly acquired Bison Trails.

I am trying submit a new top on the Exchange Api related to the sandbox, but can’t find button or link to create a new issue. The issue I have is when I call the /withdrawals/crypto on the public sandbox, I get a 503 service unavailable, but the transaction show up in the transaction list on website under the withdrawals tab on my profile. I am not certain if I am doing something wrong, or there is some sort of maintenance going on, but a 503 is concerning if the request is actually going through and being processed. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @dd001 - thank you for chiming in - I will post this within a similar thread in the Exchange/Pro API section and get you a response. Thanks!

Hi @Robert - I will take care of this for you. If you have any feedback that we may be able to learn from, we would appreciate you sharing. Thanks.