Internal server error on /transfers

Hello team

Your API return a 500 error Internal server error: on the endpoint /transfers.

I usually query with a limit set to 1000 without any issue, so I tried lowering the limit to 100 or even 50 but I still face the issue, this endpoint only works with a limit set to < 5.

My account must have more than 200k transactions, so there is probably a performance issue here.

Thank you (:

Hi @CharlesRA, apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you. We’re happy to help! Upon checking on the status sites for both Pro and Exchange, there is no incident reported that could have affected the concerned endpoint. Can you try calling the Get all transfers endpoint once again to confirm if the 500 Internal Server Error still persists? If yes, for us to further investigate we will be needing the following information:

  • Can you share with us if you are using the Pro or Exchange API?
  • When does this error start to occur? We’d appreciate it if you would be more specific in providing us with the details about it.
  • If by chance you are using other endpoints, does this error also occur on those endpoints?

Once you provide us the information requested above, we’ll work to quickly address your concern. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!

Hi @Faker

  • I’m using the Pro API.
  • I started getting this error two weeks ago.
  • I’m using the following endpoints /accounts/${accountId}/ledger and /transfers and I only have this error on /transfers.

Thank you for your help !

Hi @CharlesRA! Thank you for the answers you have provided. Upon checking, this kind of issue must be addressed discreetly as we might need account related information from you to resolve your concern. We suggest you open a support ticket using the email address associated with your Coinbase account and please include the link to this forum so that the team will know it’s you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!