Internal Server Error on transfers send_money

Hi dear Coinbase team,

I request your support to solve this error that is appearing when trying to use the Send Money service from its API.

I hope you can help me with this, thank you very much in advance for your support

Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Developer forum, @alexis_bestcode! To further help you with your concern, we suggest you to open a support ticket with our team to properly investigate your concern.

If you have any more information or screenshot that can demonstrate your concern, feel free to share it with us. Please ensure to send any images or screenshots as attachments, as we’re unable to see images/screenshots when they are inserted in the body of your email and be reminded to omit any personal info.

Also, kindly include the link of this forum so that the team will be aware that it’s you. Additionally, please use the email address associated with your Coinbase account.

Thank you and have a good day!