Important Update for Coinbase Pro API Users


  • Coinbase Pro APIs will not be impacted or sunsetted until a suitable replacement is available on Coinbase Advanced Trade.
  • Later this fall, Advanced Trade will have API support for both REST and Websocket protocols. Advanced Trade has the same order types and fee structure as Coinbase Pro.
  • Exchange APIs are unaffected.

What is Advanced Trade on Coinbase?

  • Advanced Trade is an easy-to-use interface with real-time order books, advanced charting powered by TradingView, live trade history, and market, limit and stop limit orders. Plus, the same markets and liquidity as CB Pro.
  • Advanced Trade has the same volume-based fee structure as Coinbase Pro, and since it’s on Coinbase, customers gain access to popular features like staking, Borrow, dapp wallet, and Coinbase Card using a single platform balance.
  • Advanced Trade is currently available to all users on and will be available in the Coinbase mobile app this summer.

Will Advanced Trade offer API support?

Advanced Trade will offer a new REST API for trading and order management, plus a WebSocket protocol for real-time market data. These APIs for REST and Websocket protocols will be available to all users later this fall.

What is happening to the Coinbase Pro APIs?

Coinbase Pro will be sunsetted later this year and replaced with Coinbase Advanced Trade. Coinbase Pro APIs continue to be available for set up and trading for those clients still using Coinbase Pro. We will not sunset Pro APIs until we have an equivalent REST and WebSocket API for advanced trading publicly available on Coinbase. We will provide sufficient time to migrate to the new trading API before the Pro APIs are sunsetted. Note: The Exchange APIs (FIX, REST and Websocket), will continue to be available to Exchange (Institutional) clients.

I use a third party trading bot. Will my trading bot support the new API?

We are coordinating with trading bots such as 3Commas, Atani, CryptoHopper, and TradeSanta to support the new trading API prior to public launch. If there’s another trading platform you’d like to see support our API, please contact their customer support and fill out our Advanced Trade survey.

I utilize the FIX API for my trading. How can I continue to access the FIX API?

Due to low usage among retail users, the FIX API will not be supported on Coinbase Advanced Trade. When the FIX API is sunsetted, we’ll share an interest form for continued access through Coinbase Exchange.

What will the migration from the Pro APIs to the new trading API look like?

We’ll send all API users a detailed migration guide when we launch. The guide will also be posted on Coinbase Cloud. Overall, if you are a developer, you can expect to regenerate your API key and adjust your code implementation. If you are using a third party bot, you can expect to regenerate your API keys and update them in the trading bot.

Does Advanced Trade support Portfolios like on Coinbase Pro?

We are assessing user needs for Portfolios and other advanced features. Please share any product feedback or requests for Advanced Trade in this survey.

For questions or concerns about the new API, please post in the Coinbase Exchange/Pro Developer Forum. For other questions about Advanced Trade, check out our help page.