Implementing a two-party payment system with confirmation and dispute resolution

How to implement a payment system where the user pays an amount, and it is divided into two parts with one part being the commission of the site and the other part going to another user? The transfer of the payment to the second user should only happen after the first user confirms the service provided was satisfactory, and there should be a dispute option where the site administrator decides whether to transfer the money or refund the first user. What are some recommended approaches for implementing such a payment system with coinbase?

Hi @opimand, welcome to the forum. Thank you for showing interest in our products and services. We understand that you want to use Coinbase Commerce API for the above mentioned functionalities. However, as of now, Commerce API does not have such features. For now you can share this as a feedback here, and our team will look into it. Feedbacks like yours are really helpful for improving our products and services.