How to sell all of product_id in a single trade "base_size":?

what can i put for base_size here to sell all of the ETH for USDT? I’ve tried, max, all, -1, got nothing. anyone know?

payload = json.dumps({
“side”: “SELL”,
“client_order_id”: client_order_id,
“product_id”: “ETH-USDT”,
“order_configuration”: {
“market_market_ioc”: {
“base_size”: “???”

Create a request to get your total amount of ETH and use that value. Either that or track all your orders and add them up.

To answer your question a bit more specifically, I don’t think there is an sell all value that you can pass to the create order endpoint. If there was I think it would say here. So you have to list accounts to get your total amount and use that.

I might be wrong about this. If there is a sell all parameter please tell me because that would be useful.

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