How do I get "account_id" for REST API?

Reading Get a single account’s holds ( it requires “account_id”. How do I find this for a given account? I would like to test it on my accounts.

I found the answer. First get ALL accounts which doesn’t require accounts ID and then find the specific account in the response.

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Excellent! Thank you @SubStandard ! Please let us know if you need anything else here.

Hello SubStandard,

Sorry but I didn’t not get what you mean’t by that. Could you please explain a bit more. I am having the same issue as well with the account_id. So it would be much appreciated if you could explain it please.

Thank you

So the first step to use the get all accounts. Get all accounts for a profile (

Since it is specific to your API information it will pull up all your “accounts.” It will be a lot of text coming out. What I did not know is accounts are the specific holdings for a crypto currency. For example, in the information coming out will include ALL possible cyptocurrencies available on COINBASE and then say how much you have. I had to find USD and BITCOIN out of the hundreds of options. Once you find the currency you are looking for, the account ID is right next to it. You can then use this information “account ID” for Get a single account by id (

If you think of the word “account” as balance for a specific currency it makes more sense (at least it did for me). I hope this helps!