Hi, Dear greetings from Kazakhstan

We want to rent a coinbase cloud system. Therefore, please send us detailed information about the rent and conditions. We have included a brief introduction of our organization and links to social media channels.

Our story

Cryfinance Exchange opened a head office in Kazakhstan in 2022 to provide liquid, reliable, stable and quality services to the virtual crypto market based on new financial technologies. Originally established as the core of the CRYC token project ecosystem, it has now expanded into an international crypto exchange.

Our Purpose

The Cryfinance Exchange aims to be the most secure crypto trading exchange in the cryptocurrency space. In the future, we will provide our customers with the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies confidently and securely through our platform.

We comply with the requirements of international law and regulations. We continue to contribute to increasing the number of people using cryptocurrencies around the world. Our team’s plans for the near future are to become the best listed exchanges on international cryptocurrency and exchange platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
Email ; info@cryfinance.com

Crypto exchange ; Cryfinance.com



Hi @Cryfinance !

To learn more about Coinbase Cloud and the APIs for our different product offerings, please visit https://cloud.coinbase.com/. You may also visit this link for information about the Coinbase Developer terms: https://help.coinbase.com/en/pro/other-topics/api/api-developer-terms

Please note, in order to use the Exchange APIs you will need to have a Coinbase Institutional account. You can register for Coinbase Institutional at the following link: Coinbase | Institutional Trading Platform