Getting transaction history

Hi guys
I need to get transaction history.
We have reports, where we can find these information
I make POST request to reports/ API, I tried this API with all possible types in request payload like account, fills, otc-fills, balance etc, special with type 1099k-transaction-history but all the time was getting 404 status code. We have transactions for 2018, but it’s all the time 404
Could you help me, please, with this question ?
How can I get transaction history and get these transactions ?

Hi @Maryna, Welcome to the Developer’s Forum!We can see that you are trying to utilize the /reports endpoint to run a POST request and create a report, but having a 404 Not Found error message. Related to this, can you please confirm if the profile_id you are using is the one that is linked with the API key being used for the said request? This could be one thing that is causing the said error response.

In the meantime, you can also refer to this API reference link for more information on the body parameters required for this endpoint. And once you send us the information requested above, we’ll work to quickly address this issue. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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