GetCryptoQuote vs. prices.GetBuyPrice vs. GetSpotPrice

Hi All…I’m interested in the forums thoughts on the differences between these three endpoints and when you recommend each is used. I’m observing they are following a similar process but the return value on each is different.


Hi @thomasrataj! Welcome to Coinbase Developer Forum!

Both the GetBuyPrices and GetSpotPrice are an endpoint under Sign in with Coinbase API and they return the conversion of the Crypto → Fiat currency pair that you chose. The only difference is that the GetBuyPrices returns the total amount including the standard Coinbase fee of 1% while the GetSpotPrice returns the market amount. We recommend that you use the GetBuyPrices endpoint if you want to know the total amount that you will pay when you want to buy the crypto of your choice while we recommend the GetSpotPrice if you just want to know the current market price. You may check these links to know more information regarding these endpoints:

Here are useful links that you can use:

While the GetOrderBook is under Exchange/Pro API and it returns the list of open orders for a product. We recommend that you use this endpoint if you want to know the orders listed in the order book. For more information regarding this endpoint, you may visit this link: Get product book

We hope this clarifies your concern. Thank you!