Get Product Book Docs


I’m thrilled to see that Get Product Book is part of the API now, but in the process of implementing it, the docs seem wrong. The included example response has “pricebooks” as the main key in the response, but it’s “pricebook” in the real responses from the API. I’m including a real response for context, minus the 1K bids/asks:

    "pricebook": {
        "product_id": "BTC-USD",
        "bids": [
                "price": "30034.05",
                "size": "0.0406471"

Hey @brendano257! Thank you for your excitement around using our new endpoints. However, we would like to clarify that “pricebooks” is included in the response for the endpoint Get Best Bid/Ask and not for the endpoint Get Product Book. The Get Product Book endpoint has “pricebook” in its response.