Get Orderbook and Market Trades Endpoint


Currently, there is no get_orderbook or similar endpoint that gives a snapshot of the orderbook at the time. This is pretty disappointing, but I’m working around it for the time being by at least getting the best bid and ask from the market trades endpoint (/ticker). This doesn’t offer volume of those best bids and asks, but more curiously, every trade returned has a “bid” and “ask” field that are empty. What are these supposed to mean for each trade?

      "trade_id": "498202116",
      "product_id": "BTC-USD",
      "price": "21668.36",
      "size": "0.03141663",
      "time": "2023-02-13T12:13:56.331097Z",
      "side": "BUY",
      "bid": "",
      "ask": ""

Is there a planned release for a get_orderbook endpoint? Being able to retrieve a snapshot of some depth without opening an entire websocket for the initial snapshot is pretty crucial.