Get Orderbook and Market Trades Endpoint


Currently, there is no get_orderbook or similar endpoint that gives a snapshot of the orderbook at the time. This is pretty disappointing, but I’m working around it for the time being by at least getting the best bid and ask from the market trades endpoint (/ticker). This doesn’t offer volume of those best bids and asks, but more curiously, every trade returned has a “bid” and “ask” field that are empty. What are these supposed to mean for each trade?

      "trade_id": "498202116",
      "product_id": "BTC-USD",
      "price": "21668.36",
      "size": "0.03141663",
      "time": "2023-02-13T12:13:56.331097Z",
      "side": "BUY",
      "bid": "",
      "ask": ""

Is there a planned release for a get_orderbook endpoint? Being able to retrieve a snapshot of some depth without opening an entire websocket for the initial snapshot is pretty crucial.


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I’m having issues with the ?limit= value on this endpoint. No matter what value I supply i dont see more than 100 trades returned. Are you seeing this as well?

@cleggink I receive 50, 75 and 99 when requesting limits of 50, 75, and 99, but it looks like there’s an unspecified cap at 100 as nothing above 100 returns more than 100. The docs are far from complete.

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Definitely looking for a longer snapshot if i can get one, and of course i hadnt tried less than 100 :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hey @brendano257! Thank you for sharing this as a feedback. Unfortunately we do not have a timeline for this feature to arrive yet. However I am sharing this further with our team so that they can start working on it. I hope this answers your question. Please keep sharing more such valuable feedbacks. Do let us know in case you have any more questions or concerns.

Hi @Loop_11 , I’m quite concerned, as this response is three months after the fact, and is telling me that an endpoint that was released over a month ago is still in the works: Get Product Book | Coinbase Cloud

We understand and we apologise for this experience. We are trying our best to cater to all the requests as soon as possible. We would appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

How can they force a migration without the REST API public endpoints working?