Get open orders with Sign in with Coinbase API

Is it possible to get current open orders with the Sign in with Coinbase API?

Or is that only possible with the Pro API?

If I want to get open orders via the API is my only option to move all my funds from Coinbase → Coinbase Pro and lose access to the new advanced trading tools?


Hello @dwkns! Welcome to the Developers Forum! We hope you’re doing good! Regarding your concern, as of now the /orders endpoint is only available for Coinbase Pro API. There is currently no endpoint that can get open orders with the Sign in with Coinbase API as it only supports buying and selling crypto. However, Coinbase is in the process of transitioning to Coinbase Advanced Trade that supports more advanced trading features. In line with this, Coinbase Pro will be replaced. But since there is currently no suitable API replacement available on Coinbase Advanced Trade so far, Coinbase Pro APIs will not be sunsetted yet. You may learn more about this information here.

Furthermore, as we transition Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade, transfers from to Pro are no longer available, and funds that were in Coinbase Pro are being slowly transferred to While you are unable to transfer funds from to Coinbase Pro, you can still deposit directly to your Coinbase Pro account and utilize the Coinbase Pro API to trade while the Advanced Trade API is being worked on. The rollout of the Advanced Trade API is expected later this fall, which will not require the transfer of funds out of so you don’t have to worry about losing access to the advanced trading tools.

We hope this helps. If you have further concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply to this thread.


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