FIX protocol for Advanced Trading? Exchange & Pro API same or different?

We are developing a trading platform and were planning to use the FIX protocol to benefit from the higher rate limits, what will be our options? Also, we are getting confused with the Exchange/Pro API that seems to indicate that Exchange and Pro are the same, however, there are several mentions that seem to indicate that they are not, could you clarify?
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Hello @MementoMori! Welcome to the forum! For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!


Hello @MementoMori! Welcome to the Developer’s Forum!

Unfortunately, due to low usage among retail users, the FIX API will not be supported on Coinbase Advanced Trade. When the FIX API is sunsetted, we’ll share an interest form for continued access through Coinbase Exchange.

As for the clarification on Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Exchange. It is a power automated trading that allows users to place orders, track market data, and more advanced trading features. It allows institutional investors to programmatically access the breadth of Coinbase’s capabilities, including trading, custody, real-time market data, and account management.

For more information on getting started with the Coinbase Pro/Exchange API, please see the following documentation here.

As you can see from the link we mentioned above, the Coinbase Cloud docs site lists both Exchange and Pro as a single entry. This is because both are interchangeable. This means that you may use endpoints from both the APIs. All endpoints available for Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Exchange are listed in reference. To access the endpoints of Coinbase pro API, you can just change the word “exchange” on the URLs of your requests to “pro”. For example, is similar to

However, these are different products with different account requirements and authentication. What this means is that an API Key for Pro will not work for accessing Exchange API endpoints. Despite them being two separate products, the Websocket and API for Exchange and Pro functions almost identically for each product, with the Websocket feed allowing customers to easily gain access to real-time market data, and the API allowing development of programmatic trading bots. The key differences between the products are that:

  • Coinbase Exchange targets institutional traders and investors. In order to use Coinbase Exchange, customers must first apply for an Institutional account.
  • Coinbase Pro targets advanced and experienced individual traders. It is separate from the main Coinbase retail platform, but shares most account settings and profile information.

We hope this helps. Thank you!

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