Find a transaction by the IDEM that we passed in

Hi, I was curious if it’s possible to find a transaction by the idem that we passed in, when sending transactions with sign-in-with-coinbase?

We have a potential problem where the transaction does get sent on Coinbases end, but does not return to us correctly (perhaps the request times out, or the response is lost in transit). We understand that it wouldn’t be an issue if we send in the same IDEM again, as the same transaction would be returned, but that’s not where the potential problem for us is. The potential problem is if we would refund the user on our website, then the user could potentially have received their cryptocurrency + a refund. Now, we do have some solutions to this but they wouldn’t exactly be ideal.

It does feel a bit crazy that the only way you can find out if a transaction was sent (if you don’t have the transactionId), is by attempting to send one with the same IDEM. Which would be crazy to do if you don’t intend to send it, but just want to check…

Hope someone understands my trouble, I sure do appreciate any help!

Hi @chrillex1! We understand that you wanted to find a transaction by the idem that you passed in. As of the moment, we do not currently have the endpoint that would return a transaction using an idem. We will communicate this with our internal teams and log this a feature request. You may bookmark the following webpage and subscribe to email updates at the bottom of this page to stay up to date on the latest from Coinbase Cloud or check the announcements page of our Developer Forum.

What we recommend for you to try is our List Transactions endpoint which lists the transactions of an account by account ID. The result list is in descending order by default (newest first) which you may use to be able to track the transaction when utilizing our Send Money endpoint. Additionally, you may filter transactions with type send and check by the timeframe that you initiated the transaction you are having concerns with, as well as check to details that will be shown in the response like the one below:

      "id": "57ffb4ae-0c59-5430-bcd3-3f98f797a66c",
      "type": "send",
      "status": "completed",
      "amount": {
        "amount": "-0.00100000",
        "currency": "BTC"
      "native_amount": {
        "amount": "-0.01",
        "currency": "USD"
      "description": null,
      "created_at": "2015-03-11T13:13:35-07:00",
      "updated_at": "2015-03-26T15:55:43-07:00",
      "resource": "transaction",
      "resource_path": "/v2/accounts/2bbf394c-193b-5b2a-9155-3b4732659ede/transactions/57ffb4ae-0c59-5430-bcd3-3f98f797a66c",
      "network": {
        "status": "off_blockchain",
        "name": "bitcoin"
      "to": {
        "id": "a6b4c2df-a62c-5d68-822a-dd4e2102e703",
        "resource": "user",
        "resource_path": "/v2/users/a6b4c2df-a62c-5d68-822a-dd4e2102e703"
      "details": {
        "title": "Send bitcoin",
        "subtitle": "to User 2"

We hope we were able to help. Have a great day ahead!