Filtering REST market_trades By Date

I have a web socket application that consumes trades per-product from the market trades channel. In the event of any (self induced) downtime for my realtime data handlers, I’d like to be able to fill in gaps in my history, as well as backfilling data prior to the start of collecting realtime data.

I’m not sure if I’m looking in the wrong place, but appear unable to find a REST end point intended to serve historical information available from the market trades channel, ideally with the ability to filter by date range/timestamp. The nearest I could find was the below, but obviously this is intended to only give the latest snapshot and not historical data:

Years ago I know there were some well-documented end points for exactly this purpose, but seems I am struggling to navigate the new setup here under Advanced Trade. Appreciate any guidance towards the correct docs, if they exist. Thanks in advance for the help.