Feature Request: Get UNIX timestamps for entire product history and

  1. There should be some way to request the UNIX timestamps that represent the beginning and end candles for the entire history of a product.

Currently, there is no way to do this except by abusing the API polling. This should change.

  1. Candle error response messages should also not say bad request and instead say out of range when sending a properly formatted request that’s out of range because it’s misleading and confusing.

  2. Also, the granularity has been changed to a const string but you wouldn’t know this from looking at the API docs because there’s few words and the dropdown for the relevant item is broken.

Hi @dazman! Thank you for bringing this up to our attention.

Regarding your following feature requests:

  1. Product endpoint that returns the UNIX timestamp of the beginning and ending of the candle history.
  2. Accurate error message when inputting a valid request but is out of range.
  3. Update the granularity Dropdown list.

I’ve logged these as a feedback or feature request. Most new features and improvements to Coinbase products come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to them. While Coinbase can’t offer any specific timeline for adding features, they are constantly working to build products that their customers will love.

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Thank you!