Expose user balance & withdrawals via the API


Do you plan to expose the user’s asset balance (/wallet/${asset}) and user withdrawals (/withdrawals) history via the API ?

At the moment these endpoints can be fetched but a 401 error is returned


Hello @CharlesRA! Welcome to the forum! We appreciate your interest in trying out the Coinbase API!

We understand that you would like to fetch the user’s asset balance and the user’s withdrawal history. Unfortunately, there’s no available endpoint for Commerce API for this. Still, we would like to introduce you to Sign in with Coinbase API. Sign in with Coinbase (SIWC) integrates directly with user’s existing retail Coinbase account. It enables automated actions on behalf of a user’s retail Coinbase account (e.g. buying, selling, depositing or withdrawing crypto). With this said, we’re recommending you utilize the following endpoints on SIWC:

  • List Account - will list a current user’s account including cryptocurrency wallets, fiat currency accounts, and vaults to which the authentication method has access to. The response will also show you the available balance for an asset.
  • List Withdrawals - will list withdrawals of funds for an account. The response will show you the status, payment method used, amount, and the date the withdrawal is created and completed.

With regard to 401 error you’re receiving, 401 Unauthorized error is due to your request not being authenticated. And so, we would like you to explore our documentation in SIWC about Authorization and Authentication. You may either use the authentication scheme for an API key or you may also use OAuth2 protocol.

Also, we would like to inform you that we moved this topic to Sign in with Coinbase category. We hope we were able to help you and again, welcome to the community!

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