Error when trading on DEX

Hi TEAM. Im N8dagr (N 8 dagger). im fairly new to coinbase. In the past month i decided to start swing trading and have had more success in the last four weeks than DCA’ing for the past two years. My concern is I was following trends and put about $2000 into the voyager coin. While waiting for it to make a run a pop up showed that the coin only trades on DEX now. I moved the coin to my web 3 wallet and there attempted to trade it for usdc but for some reason an error occurs. I can trade other coins on the dex no problem but it won’t let me do it with voyager. any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Right now it is sitting dead in the water because I can’t trade with it. Sincerely

Hey @N8dagr, For better assistance to your query, we suggest you to please file a support ticket via this link. Also, to know more about Trading on DEX, you may refer here as well:

Thank you!

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