Error Message Trying to View Balance

I am signed into my CB wallet but keep getting the same error message when trying to view assets or transactions. Message is “Something Went Wrong” then button to “Go Back Home”. I can get into the “Community” tab and preferences, but nothing else.
Please help me resolve this issue so I can access my wallet, thank you.

@ZiaLuna - thank you for reaching out and apologies for this issue. Are you a developer trying to build or integrate Coinbase Wallet? If so, we could use some more information about your use case here, so anything else you can send would be most appreciated.

Please let us know if this is mobile or browser as well as which version

If you are a Coinbase Wallet user, your best resource for assistance is - they should be able to help you with this. Thanks!

Thank you, Alex. I am a wallet user, not a developer. Had looked for effective support but did not find the option needed. I’ve located it now, thank you.

You are welcome to delete this post.

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Thank you @ZiaLuna !