Does Coinbase SDK allow new wallet development or integration of their wallet?

I am a computer science student, I am currently working on a small project.

I want to develop my own non-custodial wallet.
Articles online are extremely limited because I can only find tutorials on how to signup/register a wallet but not develop.

I found Coinbase API but I’ve been reading the documentation and so far I found out that the API allows me to connect Coinbase wallet to Dapps but not develop my own wallet

Hello @elieirani! Welcome to the forum! For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!


I will be waiting.

Thank you

Hello @elieirani. Apologies for the delayed response. You can create a new wallet or import an existing wallet via the Coinbase Wallet app. However, there’s no possible way for the user to develop or create his own wallet via the SDK.

Thank you!