Does Coinbase provide a developer account?

Hi, I actually wanted to get Coinbase option market data using your API or Websocket for academic purposes. I checked your advanced trading doc and it requires an access key and a secret access key for authentication purpose and the key can be generated upon an account sign up.So my query was is there any developer account that you offer for such purposes where KYC and payment method details is not required I mean some exemptions compared to a general trade account that could satisfy my requirement? If I could get any such feature that would be of great help. Thanks.

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Hi @AKD99! We understand that you need a developer account to utilize Coinbase’s API and Websocket to get option market data. For your reference, there is no special registration required to create a developer account. However, please note that all account creation would still need to undergo the usual KYC processes for each Coinbase account. Hence, there is no API or developer account that could satisfy your requirement.

We hope we’re able to provide guidance. Thank you!


Hi, thanks for your reply so I get it that all accounts require KYC. Just one clarification I wanted that there is no developer account that is provided and if I want to generate API keys to use APIs or Websockets then it will have to be generated using a general trade account. Correct?

Hello @AKD99! Yes, that is correct :+1: