Does /api/v3/brokerage/accounts support ADA accounts?

I’m looking at the data returns and ADA is not among the results. Does anyone know if this is by design? A bug with the resource? Or should I be using a different method to access ADA account information?

Are you using legacy api key or could api key?

The new advanced trade API keys, which I guess would be a cloud key. It’s the v3 API. Referred to in the UI as a “Trading Key”. And to be clear, I am using pagination to ensure I’m reading all available account records.

For me ADA is in list. If you have ADA then I guess it is some bug assuming you correctly read all pages. Otherwise, I think, only case when it might not be in list is if you have never had any ADA - your ADA account is not created.

Thanks for validating, good to hear. I do have some ADA so the account should exist. I opened a case with Coinbase support. Awhile back I was having trouble with Coinbase and unstaking taking weeks and locked up ADA funds in the normal trading account. I suspect they might have some fraud prevention stuff preventing me from seeing my account or something. Maybe they just need to flip a switch or something. Again a hassle.

I figured out my issue. It’s my fault…ADA data exists in the resource query results. Not a coinbase issue.