Discover the same low fees

Nice “bonus”! If your trading volume is under $1k users have luxury to pay more in fees. Did I miss that or there was no announcement about fees changing?

status code: 403; message: Trading disabled: your Pro account is being migrated/has been migrated to Advanced Trade. Please visit to trade with the same low fees as pro.

It does not look same to me!

@Loop_11 Any info on increased fees? I see that Pro fees has not changed! Since my trading volume is under 1k, not only I have left without my trading bot but now I will have to pay more in fees. How that is better / improvement?

Are there any chance to regain access to Pro while Advanced Trade is still developed?

Hey @muktupavels! For fees with Advanced Trade, we are bringing customers more benefits than Coinbase Pro but while offering low volume-based pricing. There are no subscription fees or any additional fees to use Advanced Trade on Coinbase. After everything is moved over from pro to Advanced trade you will qualify for Advanced fee tiers. Advanced Trade has low competitive pricing and is lower at higher fee tiers.

For the fee concern under 1k, we shall get back to you. Please keep in touch.