Disconnecting in the Coinbase Wallet App

Currently it seems it is impossible to disconnect your wallet from a dapp in the app on iOS. Deleting and redownloading doesn’t fix, there is no way to clear the browser cache, and the “Connected Apps” setting does not appear to update (and takes you to the camera anyways when you try to click on it)

This makes testing development on new user flows almost impossible. Please provide the option to disconnect, or let me know some workaround solution! Thanks :slight_smile:

For reference, I mean there is no page like this in the app (that I can find):

Hello @grant-ab! To further investigate this, can you please provide us with the following information.

  • What happens when you click on “Disconnect all” or try to disconnect each Dapp by selecting the disconnect symbol? (E.g: nothing happens, is receiving an error message, etc.)
  • Are you experiencing this only on the IOS app? Are you able to disconnect from a Dapp via the browser extension?

Once we have the requested information, we will reach back to you once we have an update. Thank you.


Hi @BlackPanda - thanks for the response! I think you may have misread - there is no page like that in the app (that I could find) - that screenshot is from my browser extension (which does work by the way)

In the iOS app I don’t even have the option to Disconnect all or disconnect individual dapps, which is why I posted this message :slight_smile:

Hello @grant-ab! Thank you for the confirmation. Upon investigating with the team, unfortunately, the option to disconnect is not available at the moment for Apps. We would like to recommend that you post this in the Feedback Section of the Forum as most new features and improvements to Coinbase come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to us. Thank you.