Deprecating SIWC buys and sells list API ? For buys and sells, how can developers get fee, sub_total and unit_price dicts after this goes live?

After buys and sells apis are deprecated what is the way for SIWC developers to get the fee, sub_total and unit_price dicts for buys and sells ? Right now replacement suggested i.e. GET /v2/accounts/:account_id/transactions Coinbase API payload doesn’t provide fee, sub_total or unit_price.

In our case, we use GET or sells to get clear break down of fee, sub_total, unit_price. I am sure this is the case with other developers as well as there is no other way to get this breakdown.

After deprecating buys and sells, are you going to add these dicts (fee, sub_total and unit_price) as additional fields to /v2/accounts/:account_id/transactions ? That would be super helpful. There is no mention of this.

If you don’t plan to provide these dicts as part of /transactions api response, developers like us are screwed pretty much. Wish Coinbase can be a bit more supportive and thoughtful towards SWIC developer concerns.

Thank you!!

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on compiling my transaction fees for tax purposes and found it a challenging too with the new routes of the API. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? I’m curious to know how others are managing this…

Me too. I am very frustrated that these particular endpoints were deprecated. I can appreciate Coinbase wanting to move everyone over to Advanced Trade, but these endpoints were super useful and have been around for years. Since is still online and available, I think it is a bad practice to just terminate access to key endpoints such as these.

Hi @mahesh! Thank you for being part of the forum community!
Please be informed that you can use the endpoints that have been provided as alternative to the deprecated ones.

Place Buy Order / Place Sell Order Create Order
List Buys / List Sells List Transactions
Show Buy / Show Sell Show Transaction

We hope this answers your question.

Those new endpoints are not returning the fee (or other breakdown asked by @mahesh) - and now those endpoints are even more broken after the deprecation date (7.feb)…


On 7 February 2024, select parameters for SIWC v2 List Transactions and Show Transaction APIs will be deprecated, and some will be added and updated.

On 31 March 2024, deprecated parameters will be removed entirely for these endpoints.

:white_check_mark: To view the new schema after Feb 7, pass new_version_opt_in in the request url.

Can you fix your endpoint please before you remove any further props from it?

also see: Incomplete API response (List Transactions Request) - #2 by phips28

+1 to this.

I do understand Coinbase wants to everyone use TradeAPI but…
There is not enough explanation about this.