Custom Data in Payment Button


We did try submitting a support ticket but your system would not accept the correct verification code.

We have set up a checkout page on our website where we have embedded the Payment button using HTML code. We have included data-custom=“MY_CUSTOM_DATA” as metadata within the code as shown in the example on this page - Payment Button Callbacks | Coinbase Cloud under ‘Metadata’.

The code, payment button and checkout process works fine. However, the webhook payload we have received from the test payment we made does not show the custom data we included in the HTML code. Our code is formatted exactly as per the example shown on the webpage above:

This is a button.

Why isn’t the custom metadata feature working and what do we need to do to get it to work? This is essential in getting our customer’s data so we can tie the payment to them.


Seeing as we haven’t had the courtesy of a reply from Coinbase support, I’ll take it that this claimed “feature” does not work and is essentially useless.