Credentials for SIWC APIs

I have generated an advanced trade API with the following scopes:


As I understand it, I should be able to use this API key to carry out certain functions via SIWC. I am trying to access the send money endpoint, and I cannot figure out how to properly authenticate with my Advanced trade keys (which are valid on advanced trade endpoints). How do the Coinbase Cloud API credentials, with name, principal, public key, and private key map on to the SIWC API fields of API key and secret key? As I understand it, my Coinbase Cloud API key should allow me access to transfer endpoints. I did give my API key transfer permissions when I created it. Basically how can I use the values in my Coinbase Cloud API key json file to authorize SIWC endpoints?

I have tried generating a JWT token and I am able to generate the token and use it to access Advanced Trade endpoints, but it returns a 401 on SIWC endpoints.

You can not! Documentation clearly says that Cloud API key can not be used on SIWC APIs.

Hey @ridn38441, Welcome to the Developer Forum Community!

Please note you can use JWT based authentication with -

  • All Advanced REST APIs & WebSocket channels
  • New Advanced API features like Portfolios

To access SIWC endpoints, you have to create Legacy API Keys. Steps here.

@muktupavels, Thank you for your response!