Create orders for SELL only support fiat currency but Coinbase itself support non-fiat transfers


I wanted to try and get some clarification re: creating SELL base orders re:

The documentation does not explicitly say which trading pairs are supported, it uses the example of e.g. ‘BTC-USD’ in most cases. This suggests that possibly the SELL option only supports currencies being sold back to the users base currency, e.g. BTC-USD or BTC-EUR etc.
This is quite limiting and does not allow for a direct sales into another crypto asset. You need to run individiual SELL and BUY transactions and carry over the right net amounts over both transactions can be very tricky over real time exchange rates, but also incurs two fees not just one.

This is all limiting but what makes it a more general enquiry is because in the Coinbase mobile app experience itself, it does allow sale of a cypto asset directly agianst another crypto asset.
(when in the SELl to option, scroll down, and the other crpyot assets are available as options to Sell To)

Weirdly, on desktop, it does not allow this and does only supports SELL to your base currency.

This is very inconsistent.
If the Coinbase mobile app supports SELL into other crypto assets (not just base currency), why does the desktop app not support this and more importantly, why does the Orders API (apparently ) not support it either ?

Amy help here much appreciated.

Use List Products endpoint to get supported pairs.

Are not you mixing selling/buying with converting? Coinbase web also has convert functionality but you need to switch form advanced to simple/regular mode.

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