Continuing the discussion from Wallet Mobile SDK setup

Continuing the discussion from Wallet Mobile SDK setup:


Hello @Brandylee! We’re happy to help if you have any concerns or questions. However, we need you to elaborate further on what you need so we could determine the best course of action for us to provide you assistance:

  • We can see that you shared a QR code and tagged this forum post topic: Wallet Mobile SDK setup. What are you trying to achieve? Can you provide further context on how we could help?
  • Can you also specify what Coinbase Cloud service is related to your concern (Sign-In with Coinbase, Advanced Trade, Coinbase Exchange/Pro, Coinbase Commerce, etc.)?
  • If you have question/s or encountered any blocker when using Coinbase Cloud APIs and services, can you please share more details regarding it?

Please also note that you may share screenshots that demonstrate your concern as this can be useful upon investigation, but please ensure to remove any sensitive information that may compromise your account. Once you send us the information requested above, we’ll work to quickly address your inquiry. Looking forward to your response. Thank you!