Consider add order book in new Advanced Trade API

I see Advance Trade API will replace old Coinbase APIs, which is good. But when I look at the API end points, I can’t see any order book API end point.
Please add order book API to the new Advance Trade API, since it is very important to place orders with API. I think L1 or L2 order book will be enough, L3 is not necessary.

Hi @zydjohn! Welcome to the forum! We appreciate your continuous support to our Coinbase products. As of the moment, the WebSocket level2 channel of Advanced Trade is the equivalent of the Get product book of Exchange/Pro. The level2 channel guarantees delivery of all updates and is the easiest way to keep a snapshot of the order book. To subscribe to the level2 channel, you may follow the instructions provided here. Also, you may check here for reference on what are the equivalent endpoints in Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade and Sign in with Coinbase.

We hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to reply back to this thread if you have any other concerns. Thank you!

Hello: Thank you very much for your quick response. I read the information you provided. But using a websocket to receive order books for all symbols in Coinbase seems not a very good solution; since Advanced Trade API combine all API before, then the trading pairs are too many, using websocket to transfer big chunk of data is good for server, but not good for users. Since you already have websocket for order book data, is it possible to add a Rest End Point for order book for all symbols? Just take a snap shot very minute will be enough for most users, then show the data in Rest End Point will be a good choice for users.
Please consider my suggestion, since Advance Trade API is a new one, so adding a Rest order book End point will not affect existing data.

Hello @zydjohn ! Thank you for sharing your insights. We are pleased to inform you that Coinbase is working to improve user experience in using the Advanced Trade API. We also want you to know that we have logged this as feedback about adding Rest API Endpoint to get Order Book Data for all symbols and have our internal teams look into this. Most new features and improvements to our products come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to us. While we can’t offer any specific timeline for adding features and improvements, we are constantly working to build products our customers will love.

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Thank you for your utmost support to Coinbase!

Thanks for your response. Currently, it is not rush to set a time line, but if the team can make decisions to include Rest API Endpoint to get the Order Book Data in the Advanced Trade API, then it is enough.
Please let me know as soon as they make such decisions.
Thank you very much!

Hello @zydjohn! We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this. Coinbase will surely have announcements once they have updates. And as stated above, you can also bookmark the following webpage and subscribe to email updates at the bottom of the page:

Additionally, you may also look for the Changelog of the Advanced Trade API documentation for updates of features of this product. Thank you!