Connect to Websocket with PowerShell

Hey everybody. I am trying to subscribe to the Websocket channel for product information. I am attempting to do this for the first time using PowerShell, but being my first time creating a websocket request, I am a bit lost. I have the JSON data correctly created, I just need to know how to make the subscription happen. Thank you in advance,

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Hi @Jason! Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Developer forum! We understand that you need guidance on how to subscribe to Websocket feed. In regards to your concern on how to make the subscription happen, you must send a subscribe message to the server indicating which channel and products to receive. To subscribe to any channel, users must provide a channel name, api_key, timestamp, and signature. Please visit our documentation to learn more about the required items to subscribe to a channel.

Additionally, as of now, only the Javascript is what we can offer as a code sample for subscribing to websocket channel. Although, we can’t provide a specific timeline. Rest assured that we are constantly working to improve our documentation to provide you the guidance that you may need when using Coinbase services.

Please feel free to reach back to us should you have other queries/concerns. You may provide any screenshot or code snippets to further help us to address your concern. We appreciate your support. Have a great day!


this script helpled me begin connecting: WebSocket Overview | Coinbase Cloud

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