Coinbase Wallet - Solana Integration

Coinbase Wallet now integrates into your Solana web applications! Take a look at our docs below - we would love to hear about the experience and answer any questions you may have!


Congrats on getting this launched – love having it for my Solana dapp!

During development, I’ve run into an interesting issue when attempting to sign a transaction. If I’m not the fee payer, the browser extension yields the “Something went wrong” error message. I contacted support about this earlier this week and was assured this was a known issue, but I am curious what the resolution timeline looks like. Thanks!

Hi @ryanrice ! Thank you! We’re stoked to be building out the multi-chain world and appreciate you being a part of that. I am checking on this issue and timeline for you - hope to have an update for you soon. Thanks again for the enthusiasm and engagement!

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Thanks for checking on this!

Wanted to flag something else in case it wasn’t already known. As of v2.28.1, the Chrome extension seems to not be able to sign messages. I just see a plain black screen in the pop up when I try, and this prevents Coinbase Wallet users from connecting to my dapp. Any info here would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ryanrice - looks like we can reproduce this - working on figuring out what is going on. Thanks for flagging!

Hey @arood, any update on this?

Hi @ryanrice we had opened an urgent ticket to review - it looks like it should be working. The team also noted that it only occurs if wallet A has zero SOL in it. Can you please confirm? Maybe disconnect and reconnect to try again? Thank you!

@arood great to hear that the fee payer issue is likely resolved! I’m still seeing issues signing messages on v2.29.1 though, so I am unable to connect my wallet and test at this time

Edit: Disconnecting via the extension’s dapp connections and reconnecting worked, but I get a black screen when signing a transaction for which I’m not the fee payer

@ryanrice are you able to tell me what kind of transaction you’re trying to sign?

@arood I’m experiencing the issue on a handful of different transactions, but the simplest one transfers USDC from the user’s wallet to our system wallet and an NFT from our system wallet to the user’s wallet

@ryanrice - I know the team has been working on these with updates planned this week and next. Have you still been experiencing issues with your transactions?

@arood Everything seems to be working! Thank y’all so much

@arood Actually I spoke too soon – I think there may be an issue with partial signing. I get the “User canceled request” error when signing a transaction that doesn’t already have all other signatures.