Coinbase wallet browser

Hi, someone directed me to the Coinbase wallet’s browser, and then convinced me to invest in a savings plan on this site: where I get interest paid daily in ETH.

I am not promoting this site in any way. I have a small investment and make small daily interest, however I think that it is a scam site, but don’t know for sure. I think that if I put a large sum of money in it, (which I’m not about to do) it will disappear.

My question to this community is simply: Has anyone here been involved in or lost money on that site.?

I’ve read everything that I can google on scam sites, but not finding much about this one.

thank you

Hello @topbodz, Welcome to the forum community.

Please follow below guidances to Identify and avoid malicious dapps.

  • Protect your recovery phrase. Never share your 12-word recovery phrase. Your recovery phrase is what gives you and only you access to your wallet.
  • Research dapp websites. Check that the dapp website you want to use is legitimate. Also double-check that you’re using the correct dapp website URL.
  • Slow down. Watch out for grammatical mistakes, typos, and misspelled words. Scammers often make grammar or spelling mistakes.

Also, please keep in mind that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. If you send cryptocurrency to a third party, you cannot reverse or stop the payment. Furthermore, if you lose access to your recovery phrase, Coinbase cannot help recover it. It is very important that you keep your 12-word recovery phrase secure. We recommend storing it in a secure location or backing up your Coinbase Wallet.

Important : Malicious dapps can make false claims on their website that they were audited by a reputable auditing company, as well as claim that Coinbase is one of their partners. Always research the dapp to make sure they are legitimate.

Additionally, please refer this help page article for more details on Privacy and Security:

We hope this helps. We’d be happy to answer any more questions. Thank you and have a great day!

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Thank You rishabh.

One website (Global Anti-Scam Org) tells me that it is a scam site.

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Hi Friends,

I have the same question about the site, available from Coinbase wallet browser. I also found it appears as a scam in this site
I was directed there by a person from social networks i don’t trust.

I was planning to put a big quantity there, but now i won’t. I will try with a very small quantity.


Hello Francisco., My suggestion is don’t.

I just move all my money from there back to my crypto account,’

Ill post what I did on the forum.

there is a guy on Youtube that lost $200,000 on a very similar site… check it out here:

just wondering, could you send me pictures of the woman that led you to that site?

i’ll do the same,


yes, no problem, i can send it to you, but i am new here and i am not sure how to send image privately.


send it to

I want to see if we have the same scammer…