Coinbase returning a deposit address for an unsupported network

Making a request to this url, ‘/coinbase-accounts/account_id/addresses’ to get the deposit address for USDC on polygon, the body of my request is {account_id:account_id, network:"polygon"}. I get a deposit address back but when I deposit to it, the UI doesn’t show the deposit and it doesn’t seem that coinbase acknowledged it. I also noticed when I try to make a deposit for USDC through the UI, polygon is not an available network to deposit on.

Is coinbase not accepting deposits on polygon right now? If so ‘/coinbase-accounts/account_id/addresses’ should not return a 200 response because it is misleading response. If an adderess is returned I assume that coinbase would recognize a deposit to this address, when in actuallity coinbase is not accepting deposits on polygon.

Hello @shak_terrace, welcome to the forum! We are always happy to help. We understand your concern on why deposits are not going through the polygon network.

Upon checking, it appears that withdrawal and deposits for USDC, MATIC and ETH on the polygon network are experiencing a delay. This can occur for multiple reasons including wallet maintenance or blockchain delays. Our team is aware of the issue and currently working on a fix, but we cannot provide an ETA of when this issue will be fully resolved.

You can check our status page and subscribe to updates for Delayed Polygon (MATIC / ETH / USDC) Deposits and Withdrawals:

We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter. Have a great day!

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hello, I can’t log in to coinbase on my mobile, I put my ID and the program is fine