Coinbase One - Trading fees

I came across the Coinbase One feature where it mentions “Buy and sell up to $10K monthly with zero Coinbase trading fees.” What happens as soon as you go over the limit? Do the makers fee kick in? I’m using the Advanced Trade API.


Hi @Vincent

Coinbase One is a subscription that gives members access to everything they’ve come to love from Coinbase—and much more!
To start, we’re offering:

  • Zero trading fees: Members pay $0 in Coinbase fees up to $10K worth of trades per month.
  • Dedicated phone support: Speak directly with a Coinbase One team member for help with any of your issues.
  • Boosted staking rewards: Members automatically get the best rates on yield-earning assets.
  • Pre-filled Form 8949: Generate a pre-filled Form 8949 in Coinbase Taxes.
  • And much more!
    Note that some membership benefits and partner deals are not available in all regions, or to all members. For details on eligibility, or for more information on how Coinbase One works, please see:

Wow, this is such an useless answer! You literally answered none of user questions!

He told he is using Advanced Trade, this is relevant information:

The Zero Trading Fees benefit does not apply to Advanced Trading, Coinbase Pro, or Prime Broker.

Nothing, Advanced Trade is excluded from zero fees!

You pay maker/taker fees from beginning.

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Thank you for answering my questions!