Coinbase Mobile Wallet and BCH

1 week ago, I opened my Coinbase mobile wallet to check my coins and got the message that BCH will not be supported in this wallet any more. But I should not be worry, only install another wallet and recover with password phrase. Then the BCH will appear in the other wallet and I can send it wherever I want. I did this but my BCH are not appear. I already called the phone support and they told me to come back to me soon. But this was last Tuesday. Anyone has the same problem than me and solved it?

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Hey @Junior, sincere apologies for delayed response.

Please refer this help page article for details on moving unsupported assets. Also, for best assistance to your query, we suggest you to file a support ticket via this link.

We hope this helps. Thank you!

I used a trustworthy other wallet but the Bitcoin cash don’t appeared. Since that time, I don’t buy any more assets from Coinbase because I don’t have anymore trust in Coinbase. I don’t want to lose more money. The support wanted to contact me but is already half year ago.