Coinbase JavaScript funds transfer:

Hello. There is request, send, receive, and transfer JavaScript code options on the documentation. How do I send an amount of a currency as a transaction form one user to the next using JavaScript? It can be any amount or currency such as ETH, BTC, LTC, etc…

I need this correct code ASAP!!! Thank you.

Hello @mkiefer! Thank you for taking interest in our Coinbase APIs. Since you mentioned something about requesting, sending, receiving, and transferring of funds via JavaScript, then we would like to introduce you to Sign in with Coinbase API as this is the most suitable platform for your use case. In line with this, we moved the category of your forum post from Coinbase Wallet to Sign in with Coinbase.

As for your question on how to send an amount of currency via JavaScript, you may use the sample requested below. Also, this sample request is mentioned in the Coinbase Cloud documentation.

Sample request when sending money via JavaScript:

var Client = require('coinbase').Client;

var client = new Client({'apiKey': 'API KEY', 'apiSecret': 'API SECRET'});

client.getAccount('2bbf394c-193b-5b2a-9155-3b4732659ede', function(err, account) { account.sendMoney({'to': '1AUJ8z5RuHRTqD1eikyfUUetzGmdWLGkpT',
                     'amount': '0.1',
                     'currency': 'BTC',
                     'idem': '9316dd16-0c05'}, function(err, tx) {

For the list of Coinbase supported assets that you may send, receive, request, or transfer, you may visit

We hope this helps. Thank you!


Hello. Just a few more questions. Will the Coinbase code change soon? Do I just need to use the send money and not the request, transfer, or receive functions?

Can you provide the code in JavaScript for receive, request, and transfer?

Hello @mkiefer! Unfortunately, we cannot provide a full working code. What we can do is provide guidance to questions you encounter during your integration. You may check our documentation where you can find sample codes in Javascript and use it as a reference. Once you’ve browsed through the documentation and still have some questions, please feel free to reach us out.


Hello @13h23k588p! Welcome to the Developer’s forum!

We’re happy to help if you have any concerns or questions. However, we need you to provide the following information for us to know more and determine the best course of action for us to provide you assistance:

  • What are you trying to achieve? Can you provide which specific Coinbase API you are using?
  • If you have question/s or encountered any blocker upon implementing your use case, can you please share more details regarding it?

Please also note that this forum is for queries directly related to developing using Coinbase Cloud APIs and SDKS - if the nature of your query is related to using one of our products, rather than integrating with or developing on top of Coinbase’s platform, then your query would be better served by creating a support ticket using our Contact Us form.

Once you send us the information requested above, we’ll work to quickly address your inquiry. Looking forward to your response. Thank you!